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Day Two

Yes, it’s again about the snow. What can I do when past few days nothing else happened but snow. Second day brought us extra 10 cm of snow and more winter joys and troubles. Why such a big hype over it? Well, let’s take a brief look into the historical data:

Last time, snow in Split was falling in 2009 and it lasted only few hours. Sometimes it happens every winter, we see it in the air, but it rarely sticks to the ground. February record was already broken on the first day when we measured 15 cm of snow, and previous record was from 1963 with modest 6 cm in one day. That was 49 years ago. Also, the biggest snow cover ever measured was in 1979 and it lasted 4 days, with 21 cm. This time we had 25 cm in two days. And it will last probably longer than week this time. We set new records. Ha!


All of you folks from northern countries are probably rolling on the floor laughing to this, but we are Mediterranean people – we see snow only if we go to skiing holidays somewhere in the mountains. We are sun and sea people who learn to swim almost before we learn to walk. So yes, it’s a hype. :)


This is the view from my balcony. Today, one bus line was operational for the complete traffic collapse to be avoided.


Again I went out to make some more photos of the snow occasion. Our parking lot.


I decided to go to Solin, small town just few kilometers away from Split. Roads were barely visible, luckily we know them by heart.




Birds by the river Jadro were freezing…


Seagulls liked the bridge fence very much. But every time any of them tried to land on it, it slipped. Sometimes it took them couple of tries to land safely. They looked so funny trying to understand what the heck was going on. :)




Poor little creatures, I bet their legs were freezing… :)

Before the evening I went to a panorama spot above the Split port to take an evening snow panorama of Split. The conditions were not good for shooting, gusts of strong northern wind were shaking the camera and another trouble was icy rain which started to fall just after I arrived up there. Ice particles were hitting my face and sticking onto the camera lens. But I did not give up. The night was really beautiful.

A view on Riva:


And the last but not the least, panorama of Split under snow:


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