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After the Storm the Sun Will Shine

On August 23rd big storm hit the city of Split. Rain front was passing along the Adriatic coast, followed with violent wind gusts, lightnings and heavy rain. I knew it was coming, it has been forecasted for days, but I didn’t know it will be so severe. So, instead of going somewhere to shoot the shelf cloud coming – I stayed at home. Big mistake.



However, I did some snapshots of it from my balcony. The shelf cloud was approaching unbelievably quickly that there was no time to go out and chase it from some spot.

I also made a video of the storm:

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When the raging storm passed, something beautiful happened. Remember my post about the fantastic light and double rainbow over over Split? Well, it happened again. The same scenario. After the storm, the sun shined, lighting the rain above the city, creating intense and beautiful double rainbow. Again, I knew what the perfect spot was, I rushed out of the house, drove to Marjan Hill and shot the city from the Vidilica viewpoint. Split city and port decorated with big and beautiful double rainbow. Lucky me :)