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Maltese Falcon in the Port of Split

Two days ago, watching from my window I noticed three big masts rising from the port of Split. Immediately I knew there was some modern engineering wonder anchored in the port.

I found out it was Maltese Falcon, a grandiose sailing boat. Even though it was not the biggest or the most expensive boat that anchored in my town, this one was certainly worth paying a visit.


Built in 2006, Maltese Falcon is one of the largest privately-owned sailing yachts in the world, pricing about 120 million US dollars. The boat itself looks impressive: 88 m in length, she has three big, unusually-looking masts (DynaRig sail system), in height of 58 m above the bottom bearing. Each of the three freestanding, rotating masts support six yardarms, which are firmly connected to the mast. The sails are furled into the masts and operated by computer software.


The masts have many wind speed sensors and the boat itself is equipped with the most sophisticated electronics so it can be piloted by a single person. I wish I could have seen her bridge.
When the sails are open, they have total sailing area of 2,400 m2 and she can reach the speed of 20 knots under sail. Talk about the efficiency… :)

Many people, both locals and tourists, came to see her.


In the summer she sails the waters of the Mediterranean sea, and in the winter time Carribean sea.


Reflections of the water looked really interesting.



I wish I could have seen the interior, too. Although, to be honest, it’s better I hadn’t, since I don’t have some $ 500,000 for a week’s rent. Oh wait, maybe I could afford a millisecond on this amazing boat. :)

From this angle the sheer size of it’s masts is pretty well visible:


And even though I know I’ll never be able to step foot on this boat, I enjoyed shooting it. I enjoyed looking at this modern engineering achievement and it’s luxurious elegance. And, for the past two days, so have hundreds of people who went to port to see this beauty.

Here I have found more photos of the boat – in action and the interior.



As the night was falling I decided to make a Split port panorama in the blue hour. It looked really nice and vivid.



On my way back I wanted to make one more photo of the boat with it’s night lights. The weather was calm so the long exposure photo was perfect for it.


Bye Falcon, have a lots of wind! I wish I could sail the world with you…