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Split Observatory

I hate to admit that, but I’ve never been to Split observatory.  I really can’t tell why, maybe there were always some other places to visit before it, but I’m glad I finally did.

Located on the Makirine peak of the Mosor mountain, 702 m above the sea, observatory has a beautiful view on the city of Split and the islands of middle Dalmatia. Even though a view on the city isn’t the best feature of an observatory because of the heavy light pollution, I guess it is high enough for it not to distract too much.

Yet, it’s vicinity to the city makes it a perfect place for educational workshops and astronomy classes for school children, that take place in the observatory over the year. That evening, we gathered up there to hear interesting presentations of the two members of the Crometeo team: Rade Popadic and Ivan Toman.


Unfortunately, I missed first presentation. The  need for making photos was stronger, so I went out to make some photos of the surroundings. The Moon was almost full and it shined on the landscape. I made a nice panorama.


Landscape and villages were covered in fog and looked really nice. In the far back, light from the antennas on the St. Jure, the highest peak of mountain Biokovo is visible.


As I was completely unprepared for the night shooting on the mountain, I felt really cold so I decided to take just a few more shots of the observatory building and go inside.





In the meantime, the second presentation was just starting, one of Ivan Toman – member of the Crometeo team, about predicting dangerous meteorological phenomena like tropical storms and tornadoes. It was really interesting to hear it and the meteorology went a long way since it’s beginning.


Afterwards I went to the top terrace of the observatory. Short lecture about the stars and constellations was going on.


I took a few more shots of the dome. It was closed as there was not much things to observe in the strong moonlight.



I decided to call it a night, that was enough freezing for one evening.