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Gigapan of the Split and Kastela Bay Area

Back in 2009, I photographed and stitched really big (in terms of pixels and file size) panorama of Kastela, Split, Kastela bay and Central Dalmatia islands in Croatia. The panorama was meant to be an ‘usual’ showcase photo for portfolio and prints. But it turned out to be too big for any of it (unless you have really big wall :)), so it remained neglected on my hard drive without any clear idea what to do with it.

Published on the web just as a regular photo, it looked like a colorful stripe not a normal photograph. It’s because when it fits screen width, the height is too small and I didn’t want to slice it into pieces. Also, it would not be so good if I submitted 210 mpx photo to usual photo sites, just to show details. Therefore, Gigapan is the perfect platform for this image to have it’s full purpose. And that is enjoying the nice view, evening light and details.

I have embedded the photo here in this post, but for the sake of enjoying the view, click here to open full size gigapan of Split and Kastela area, turn on full screen and explore :))

If the gigapan iframe starts to misbehave while scrolling (zooming) follow the upper link.

Landscape, weather and location details

The photo was taken from Malacka, on mountain Kozjak from where you have really stunning view of the surroundings and it’s accessible by car. It was partially cloudy and rainy (see the rain curtain on the far left, behind Split peninsula) but, thanks to the north wind Bura, very clear weather so the visibility was around 100 km (approx. 60 miles).

In the bottom part of the panorama is town of Kastela and Ciovo island across the Kastela bay to the right. Behind Ciovo are islands of Solta and Vis, and roght of the Solta is Drvenik island. Far away on the right side of the horizon is barely visible Svetac island (St. Andrija). On the left part of the photo is city of Split (on the peninsula). Behind Split are islands of Brac, Hvar and Susac.

Technical details

This panorama is made of 15 vertical shots, stitched and processed in Photoshop. Camera is Canon 5D mkII and lens is 24-70 f/2.8 L, date of shooting was 7th of November 2009.