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White Landscapes of Sinjsko polje

As I wrote in my previous posts about Blizzard, Snow day and Day Two in the area of Split (my hometown in Croatia) the snow is a really rare phenomenon. It’s a one-time opportunity to enjoy the unusual snow landscape of that Mediterranean, mild-climate place. And after I’ve seen and photographed my town in it’s winter edition, I wanted to check how the inland near Split looked like covered in white. So I decided to visit Sinjsko polje – a big, flat and fertile area only 20 minutes of drive away from my town. 

Snow in Sinj area is not unusual, though, but not to this extent. It was really nice to see white landscape and roads.

White road

We stopped by the road to make some shots. The plants were trying to find their way out of the deep snow…

Plant in snow

Plant in snow

Heavy burden

…and while we were driving we noticed some guys enjoying snowboarding without a slope. A car was driving, pulling a snowboarder with the rope. They seemed to know what they were doing as they were boarding from one side of the road to another and jumping over the thick heaps of snow.  Cool idea :)


Winter sports

After some driving through the field we decided to climb up a small hill on the east part of the Sinjsko polje, to shoot some landscapes. There was no luck with the sunset this time – the sun hid behind the clouds on the horizon and the colors weren’t as expected.

Traces of an animal were leading to a tree. Or to me? It was hard to recognize which animal but I hoped it was already far away. :)  In the back you can see plains of Sinjsko polje.

An animal was here

This is me with my pet. Together, we conquer snowy hills. :)

My pet

Me and Filip. We travel everywhere together loaded with cameras and equipment, yet we have so little photos of us. This time I was determined to sacrifice a minute of our time to make one.  Just to freshen our memories in years to come :)

Filip and me

In the distance we saw some people marching through the field.


Small village in the snow.

Village in winter

Before we started to walk back I put my camera and whole equipment back into the bag for return to be safer (when we were walking up the hill I fell into the deep snow twice and I wanted to spare my camera from getting wet again). I thought there was nothing to shoot anymore. But right after I packed everything and we started to walk back, nice scenes to shoot started to appear all around me. I shouldn’t have packed the camera yet.

I looked back and took a shot of our traces. We destroyed perfect white snow surface. This one looks like we were on the top of the Alps, not on some small hill. :)

Trails in snow

Right after this image, on the right side, a nice scene with the tree appeared. For this one I had to lie down in the snow to omit some unnecessary details from the frame. It was worth to get the snow into my jacket and boots again.


After few steps again nice detail appeared. This one…

Textures of snow

What I’ve learned from this: you must never give up. Even though I had given up on making any more nice shots and put my camera into the bag, the photos were there – I only had to see them.

It was a long way up…

Long way up

…and even longer way down.

Long way down

But I really enjoyed that nice snow day… :)