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It was finally there. For weeks meteorologists predicted extremely cold, Syberian weather with a lots of snow and freezing cold wind. Majority of Europe was already struck with extremely low temperatures and buried under tons of snow. And that was exactly what we in Split were waiting for: snow. It finally started to fall in the early hours of Friday, 3rd of February. And I was so excited to see it again. Everybody was, for days. I know people from north will find this hilarious, but I was happy like a child.

Why this obsession with the snow? Well, in my town Split we hardly ever get any snow. Sometimes years pass between two snow occasions. When it falls, it’s usually just for couple of hours tops, and even if it somehow catches to the ground  it melts very soon. So, we were excited, at last it was the first snow after 3 years.

I woke up around 6 AM and after the brief glimpse through the window I knew it was time to go outside. It was already starting to become white. I grabbed my equipment, put on my snow clothes and ran out.


Yet,  I think nobody was prepared for this. That was not a nice snow that silently falls through the night. It was a blizzard, a pure rage. Wind gusts were reaching the speed of more than 120 km/h, snow was hitting my face. Most of the time I was unable to see where I was going. I know photos can’t show the strength of the wind, but few gusts nearly threw me to the ground.


Snow was already pretty deep and the streets were very slippery, so I had to be extra careful because I slipped and fell while I was shooting this building.



I decided to go to Emanuel Vidovic park. Parks always look nice covered in snow. And I wasn’t mistaken. It looked magic with those trees and benches with snow.


Oh, I loved how benches looked nice that morning. I could not stop taking pictures of them :)






And there’s a snowman. First one out of many I saw that day. Somebody could not wait for the morning so he made it in the first hour of snow.  I couldn’t help but wonder, what’s all that with the people and snow-people? Are they in love with them? If we had 1 cm thick snow they would still manage to collect whole snow around the park ground just to make even a tiny a snowman. Is it some kind of instinct, a pre-programmed thing in our heads to give everything human shape? Hm…



I continued to walk downtown. The area was almost unrecognizable.


Streets were deserted (as I expected) but that was likely to be changed in very short time – everyone will go out to enjoy the white visitor.


When I arrived to the center the wind was getting even stronger, snow was falling harder and it was very, very cold. I wondered what are these people doing here. I understand if you go shooting or something like that, but this was no time for casual walking. Maybe they were going to work…




Wind was blowing snow from the ground away and in some moments I could not see more than 20 meters further.





Even though there was a real blizzard going on, there was some people walking around.




One of the first people to arrive on Riva was this man: a skiing instructor, as he introduced himself. It was funny to see him on skis there on Riva – a place normally related to warmth, sun, tourists on their summer holiday… Funny scene. :))


I guess we won’t be having any coffee outside today :))