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Early Morning Landscapes and Other Nice Pictures

My fellow photographers and I decided to make an early morning photo shoot this morning. Our destination was Pantana, a small river near town of  Trogir.

It’s estuary has a mill, wetlands, beautiful beaches and lots of fine photographic subjects.

We left around 5:30 AM from Split – more than hour before sunrise and just enough time to get to there and do a little location research. The way to the beaches leads over small bridge across the river mouth. It was still very dark so the exploration was even more exciting cause we didn’t know what to expect.


Pine trees looked amazing in this light. Of course, to make things complicated I have shot 9 different exposures and blended them in a HDR image to make pine trees photo below. I needed to do that in order to keep nice sky colors and to gain as many details as possible in the tree tops and branches. One exposure makes either sky too bright or trees way too dark. Even the previous photo had to be stitched out of two different exposures.


By the sea there were many interesting shrubs and cane to compose images with.

Grmići prije zore

The sun had just peeped…

Sunce je tek provirilo


Jutarnje siluete

Behind my back, pine trees were creating some interesting shadows.



And here’s the crew! I asked them to pose for me :)


Fotoretaji u odrazu

After the beach we headed to Mills Pantana, but unfortunately it was closed and we decided not to trespass. So I just snapped a few pictures of some geese that came our way (of course, they were gone in no time when they realized we don’t have any breakfast for them) …


…and here is a fig tree, dressed in autumn gown.

Žuto lišće

After the ‘exhausting’ photo shoot we went to Kastel Sucurac, a small place by the sea for a coffee and a short walk. And where is sea – there are boats :)

Brodica u rano jutro



Since the trees on our coast mostly have unattractive autumn colors (or they are always green) this nice autumn foliage was a surprise.

Jesen u Kaštel Starom

On our way back I asked my friends for some more patience. :)  I liked the shadows and the silhouettes.

Fotoretajske siluete

Fotoretajske siluete