Vienna: Lines, Shapes, Diagonals

I spent New Year holidays in Vienna. The city was cold, frozen, yet beautifully decorated. Even though those few days were reserved for friends, food and toasts, I managed to take some time for photography. However, to walk through the city with ‘non-photographers’ and have even a minute of time to shoot was very difficult. It all came down to snapshots and catching up with them.

We took long walks. Anywhere outside the center the streets were empty – here and there some people muffled almost to the eyebrows passed-by, while bone-chilling wind was freezing our faces and dispersing confetti across the frozen Danube surface. Yet, the place filled me with ideas; architecture, lines or monochromatic simplicity. Winter, lack of colors and deserted streets simply reveal such motives.

Keep it simple

A detail from Uno city – business district on the coast of the Danube river.


This is an entrance to metro station. It was dark outside and I noticed these nice piano-like shapes created by station windows. All I had to do is to wait for some people to give it a punchline. And so they appeared…


An architectural detail also taken in Uno city. That place is great for architectural photography. Too bad I didn’t have much time to shoot.

Uno city

Here is a man walking over one of the many bridges over Danube river in Vienna.

Strings of life