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Water Polo

Few days ago I had an opportunity to shoot some water polo matches. It was my first time to shoot this dynamic sport and a perfect occasion to practice some action photography. On the POŠK pool in Split this time every year gather water polo veterans and play small tournament. Of course, more important thing than the sport itself, is the food and party afterwards. I guess veterans can allow it to themselves without any worry. :))

So, let’s begin.

It all starts with this…

Vaterpolo (8)

and this…

Vaterpolo (2)

Fight for the ball. I guess goalkeeper would help if he could. :))

Vaterpolo (4)

One of the most popular way to annihilate the enemy is, of course, to sink him:

Vaterpolo (6)

Vaterpolo (14)

It all leads to this:

Vaterpolo (12)

Defense must be done in any way…

Vaterpolo (7)

…by hands up

Vaterpolo (11)


Vaterpolo (10)


Vaterpolo (9)

…or simply by testing the luck.

Vaterpolo (1)

Anyhow, if the misunderstanding occures…

Vaterpolo (5)

…you can take it slow.

Vaterpolo (15)

And relax. It’s not a real tournament anyway.

Vaterpolo (3)

Vaterpolo (13)

At the end of the event I decided to take some photos of the pool and make a panorama out of them. :)