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Beautiful Village of Dol on Brac Island

The village of Dol sits inland, in the tail end of the fertile valley, just 2 km away from the sea and village of Postira, on Brac island. Stone houses of Dol are mostly crowded together up the eastern slope of the porous and steep hill, built one on top of the other in order to preserve fertile ground on the valley floor – in past times valuable as a pure gold.

In the past, the Doljans knew how to make use of the vicinity of the sea and the woods in the background, from where they led out many mules loaded with the finest quality of wood. On the hill flanks and in the valley, they cultivate vines, vegetables, citrus fruits and olive-trees.


Part of the village that sits on the western side is smaller, but more spacious. The house roofs are mostly covered with slabs, while the walls are thick and with small windows. These old, stone houses detached or set in rows, preserved the mark of the genuine Dalmatian architecture.

Eastern side of the village:



Western side – hill is less steep so the houses don’t look like they’re built one on top of the other, and there is more space around them, even though ‘space’ is an overstatement for any old Dalmatian village and their streets.


As I was walking through the village, I spotted models of the houses exhibited by the road. They are made completely out of stone and have all the elements of the traditional stone houses. They looked so real :)




Further up to the road, only 200 m away, I reached the end of the village. The road was getting narrower as the valley ended between the hills. On the left, there were some deserted, derelict houses and the chapel on the top of the small hill, between the trees.


A detail from the village:


After I reached the end of the road, I decided to go uphill, to the eastern side of the village, between the houses


From the top, beautiful view spreads on Postira and, across the Brac channel, town of Dugi rat. From here you can see how close Dol really is to the sea, and yet it’s protected from the impact of the sea.


Here is a detail from one of the Dol’s rooftops. Mediterranean plants don’t need much ground to grow, a bit of dirt is good enough. Probably because they wouldn’t find so much good soil around, even if they needed it. :)


Typical Dalmatian roof covered with stone slabs, and with small addition…


Another typical architectural detail.


A view from top of the village.


One more look at stone houses…


…beautiful, old, stone houses of Dol.


If you ever happen to be on Brac island, Dol is certainly a place to see. This authentic island village, a standing witness and guardian of past times, tells a story of harsh and ruthless conditions of the island life where every inch of the soil was priceless and where cultivating bare, stony, dry landscape was the only way to survive.