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Long Exposures Minimalism

Each photographer, I believe, has some sort of checklist for the things he wants to photograph in his photographic career. At least I do. Some of them will be done, some of them maybe never will. But it’s good to have ideas and inspiration. One of the items on my checklist was long exposure series.

Great subject for that kind of photography is sea, because of the nice, milky effect water creates when exposure is longer than 20 or 30 seconds. Water surface becomes silky and smooth. Anything appearing on the water then looks like it grows out of some mysterious blend and boats look like they’re floating in the air. I like those effects very much. Grey, foggy winter day was ideal to go by the sea and find some nice subjects for long exposure minimalistic photos. The horizon was already barely visible and just a tad of overexposing the images made it disappear completely.

Here are the photos I created that misty, winter day: