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Different Face of Plitvice Lakes

New year’s day didn’t bring neither snow nor nice weather in the continental part of Croatia, where I was spending my new year’s holidays. It was raining continuously for almost three days. Anyhow, we took the umbrellas and cameras and went for a walk in the nature. The destination was national park Plitvice lakes.

We took the road we already know by heart, cause there was just an hour of daylight available and no time for experiments and unknown locations.

Despite the umbrellas, both us and cameras were soaking wet, but it was worth to see Plitvice lakes in a completely different atmosphere than usual, seen in postcards or travel brochures (no one would plan a trip there on a weather like that, right?).
Therefore, I bring you the rarely seen face of the Plitvice lakes. Rainy, foggy and gray, but still beautiful.

The first stop is the sightseeing point of the impressive, 76 m tall Big waterfall. Since the weather in December was mostly rainy and snowy, the whole area was flooding with water and the waterfall itself was very powerful and loud. A bit different from what I’ve seen last few times. :)

Rainy misty day

Each sightseeing point was flooded, so there was no way to get to the edge but to walk outside the walls or to climb on them. I did not choose either, cause I’m afraid of heights.

Few details from the rainy wood:

Branches with waterdrops


Fog, clouds and rain. But the turquoise color of the water was still there :)

Misty lakes

When I see this, I remember the colorful photo I took past autumn from the exact spot. This doesn’t look like the same place.

Misty lakes II

It had already begun to darken, but we were not alone. Across the canyon we saw few people walking through the wood which looked more like barren, burnt land swallowed by fire, than Croatia’s most visited National park.

Walk through the 'burnt' land

A path through the misty wood…


On our way back, I could not stop shooting. The light was so good I had to catch every single photon out there. The wood looked magical cloaked in mist and blue light.

One more greeting to the Big waterfall.

Big waterfall

When we finally reached our car, I made Filip pose for me for 20 seconds to make this shot. If it wasn’t raining so hard, and if we weren’t completely wet, it would be nice to shoot some more effects with the flashlight in the mist. But we just wanted to go back home. :)

Playing with light