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Do you believe in serendipity? Or you think everything that happens to us is a part of the master plan? I don’t know which of those two is true, but I love serendipity when it comes to creating photos. I love beautiful, unplanned photos. But I’ll return to this later.

One day, when we were driving back home from the national park Paklenica in Croatia, we stopped to shoot a nice scene. It happens to me very often – I see nice scene from the car and I must stop to shoot it, no matter what. This is a typical coastal scene, but yet every one of them is unique too.

Big blue

After I finished shooting, we continued our drive. The sun was starting to set. I was watching beautiful light and colors through the car window (I wasn’t driving, ok? :D ) and decided to pull over again as soon we find a suitable spot by the road.

I was a bit skeptical about the final result though, because the coast we were driving by was pretty boring in that particular area, and there was nothing interesting to compose with the sunset sky. But, there was no time to drive any further cause the Sun is not waiting for anyone.

We pulled over and I got out of the car a bit disappointed with the situation. But, after just few steps away I saw a really nice scene by the sea. Small and lonely pier with the red boat tied to it. Wasn’t that a sight for sore composition? :))


Out of nowhere, in front of me appeared beautiful scene for photography. I instantly dug into work to catch as much nice light as possible and in one of those moments, this beautiful photograph was created.


What a serendipity that was, wasn’t it? :)