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LidijaI’m professional photographer from Split, Croatia and I specialize in landscapes, panoramic, interior and architecture photography.

My first experience with photography began in my childhood, when I was helping developing black and white photos in home laboratory. Since my father was a hobby photographer I was always surrounded by cameras, photography equipment, negatives and lessons about photography facts and terms.

Ever since I had a digital camera I enjoyed taking photos, but the breaking point happened when I bought my first DSLR camera. Actively, I’m in photography since the beginning of 2008.

lidija-silhouetteIn my photographic career I took part in many exhibitions, my photographs were published in magazines and newspapers, and also many touristic and other web pages use them to decorate their pages. Also, I have written several newspaper articles about photographic techniques, compositions and genres.

I’m a member of the Photo Club Split and Canon Professional Network and I’m an active member of many online photography communities, both Croatian and international, where I meet and communicate with photographers from all over the world.

I constantly learn about photography, different techniques and technologies, post-processing and workflow, which includes digital assets management. In my opinion, good organization and workflow are very important part of the photography creating process.

My goal is to constantly improve my craft and my knowledge. Learning curve is endless, and I’m usually my own biggest critic. It can always be better than it is.

I love to travel and I’m in a constant search to capture the magic moment, when the perfect light embraces small part of the world around us and shows it in it’s full glow.

I’m offering professional photography services such as:

  • Interior and architecture photography: hotels, resorts, houses, properties, apartments, bars, restaurants…
  • Photo licensing – touristic photos for use on web pages, in brochures, guides, for posters, flyers…
  • Photography for corporate events, fairs, team buildings…

Information about my company and it’s services

Luminance studio d.o.o.


Lička 5,
21000 Split,

Managers: Filip Lolić, Lidija Lolić

MBS: 04155637

Bank account at Zagrebacka banka d.d., IBAN: HR5023600001102398747
VAT number: 62392408965