LidijaI’m a professional photographer based in beautiful Split, Croatia. I specialize in interior, exterior and architecture photography, landscapes, panoramic and corporate events photography.


I have an individual and flexible approach to each and every one of my projects or clients and I adapt to their needs as much as possible. Before every photo shoot I consult the client and go over every detail as well as giving tips and guidelines on how to prepare for a photo session.

My fine art photographs incorporate architectural elements and sweeping natural and urban views. My cityscapes of Split and other locations, often presented in panoramic format, capture the scene in intricate detail. I love to shoot at dusk or dawn and to “collect” light with long exposures, which imparts a sense of movement and suffuses scenes with a subtle and beautiful light.

I also provide services for touristic landscape and cityscape photography, capturing beautiful images of destinations, their highlights, buildings, beaches and panoramas. I also have big archive of images available for licensing.

I welcome inquiries regarding photo shoots, fine art print sales and image licensing requests.

I love to travel and I’m in a constant search to capture the magic moment, when the perfect light embraces small part of the world around us and shows it in it’s full glow.


  • Lidija Lolic

  • HR-21000 Split
  • lolic.lidija@gmail.com

  • +385 91 202 9657

Photography services

  • Commercial Architectural Photography

  • Resort & Hotel Photography

  • Residential Architectural Photography

  • Interior Design Photography

  • Exterior Architectural Photography

  • Landscape and Panoramic Photography

  • Luxury Yacht and Boat photography

  • Corporate Event Photography

  • Digital Post-Production

  • Photography licensing

Company info:

Luminance studio d.o.o.
Lička 5,
21000 Split,
Managers: Filip Lolić, Lidija Lolić
MBS: 04155637
Bank account at Zagrebacka banka d.d., IBAN: HR5023600001102398747
VAT number: HR62392408965