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Exclusive Photos of Split for

In the 2015 I was contacted from the for a very interesting business proposal. They found my Split photos on my web site, liked them very much, and wanted me to shoot Split exclusively for them to use on their web page and other promotional materials. I wasn’t thinking twice :)

As City of Split is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination, recognized the need to present it in a proper light – with quality photos. City of Split was designated an individual web page on portal by which it obtained a position among worlds most popular destinations that this company had chosen to highlight.

The assignment was to capture Split and it’s surroundings, famous buildings, mood, panoramas, monuments, archaeological sites, museums, food, streets and many other aspects of Split and it’s everyday life. It was a real pleasure, but also a challenge working on this assignment since I already had many photos of Split and I wanted to create nice and desirable imagery of the places I shot many times before, but still make them look a bit different.

Here is a screenshot of the page dedicated to Split on, with my photos:


Some of the photos had selected: