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Foto Ars Danubia

Following couple of days will be very interesting, I’m sure of it. Tomorrow, I’m going to the annual  photography meeting  which takes place in Baranja, beautiful, plain and verdant countryside on the eastern part of Croatia, by the Danube river. All days shooting, beautiful nature, a bit of education and lots of good time – all that with the best Croatian photographers. Also, I’m looking forward to finally see Baranja, part of Croatia I’ve only read about so far. Croatia has many types of landscapes, but I have never seen it’s plains…

On 2010 Foto Ars Danubia took place in small village of Erdut. This year, our host is ethno-village Karanac, from 26th till 29th of May.

The reason for choosing Baranja as the meeting point is very simple – Baranja is full of beautiful, ‘photogenic’ landscapes, interesting people, picturesque villages and rich with animal and plant life. To make things more interesting, people from Canon Croatia will introduce to us many professional Canon cameras and lenses and also newest technical solutions for aerial shooting with remotely controlled drones.

Detail from Foto Ars Danubia 2010:

Photographers who will take part in this event:

I hope we’ll have a good weather up there (not too dull and not too rainy, thank you) and I hope to take many unforgettable photos and make many good contacts with other photographers.