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The Split Carnival

Traditional carnival in Split is a lot different than the famous Venice or Rio carnivals. It’s more chaotic than organized event, to begin with. No organized parades, no ornate masks or half-naked Samba dancers. Yet, it’s the perfect event to show your imagination, and go downtown with the most original mask or costume on. And there can be some really original ones.

The highlight of the event is burning down ‘Krnje’ – a sculpture (or an installation) made to represent all the bad things that happened in the past year. People carry it through the town streets, prosecute it, convict it and sentence to death on the bonfire – to make all bad things go away.

This year, the carnival was both boring and interesting. First was because of rain, which started to fall early in the morning, so many people gave up putting the masks on and going to the town center. The latter was because we had two Krnje.

Since the sentence has no mercy to anyone or anything bad that happened, it can be very unpleasant to the politicians (of course), so this year authorities decided to make their own Krnje, pretty much censored. Irritated by that decision, people made their own uncensored sentence and Krnje – The ‘mayor’. It was really funny to see that citizens versus authorities ‘battle’.

The whole manifestation was pretty spoiled with rain that was falling all day, with few short breaks. There were noticeably less people or groups with masks, but I have found some things to shoot anyway, although was really annoyed by the rain and my gear was wet all the time. So, here are some photos from that evening…