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Aerial Photography – A Whole New Perspective

Last Monday I got myself a new toy and tool: DJI’s Phantom 2 Vision+ drone for aerial photography. I’ve been thinking about that for some time now, and after some research I decided to go with Phantom 2 Vision+ ready-to-fly drone with pre-installed stabilized camera. Since I wasn’t too familiar with that kind of photography the best choice was something from the entry-level class until I collect some experience and see what my needs are before buying anything professional.


After some short trial flights and tests of Phantom’s options and capabilities, yesterday was the time for it’s first photo assignment. I decided to shoot some aerial photos of beach in fromt of my parents’ vacation rental house in Slatine, on Ciovo island. It’s the place which is not too crowded (I cannot fly over people’s heads) and yet it has beautiful landscape and beach to show off on the photos. Also, the weather was nice with only light breeze so there was no problems with strong wind gusts.

We flew it from our house. It showed us nice view on the beach, surroundings and Kastela bay.