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Corporate Event Photographer

I’m available as a corporate event photographer for conferences, seminars, symposiums, product presentations, PR events, team-buildings, gala dinners and many other.

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Photographs play important role in your brand marketing and as such they have to be of high quality and professionally done.

Events you organize present great opportunities to connect with existing customers, acquire new ones, extend your brand, or show appreciation for your employees. Whether it’s a small and simple party or a complex multi-day conference I can help you put together photo program customized for your needs.

Over the years I’ve worked with big multinational companies, government institutions, event planning agencies as well as many small companies, both in Croatia and internationally. Many of them have become my returning clients which is the best reference for the quality of my work – both on the site and of the photographs delivered.

Besides documentary photos of the event, I aim to capture the atmosphere, special moments, portraits, interesting details and try to convey much more than just a record of who was there.

Many years of experience working for a wide variety of clients in diverse locations, from specific briefs through to the assignments where I could openly express my artist vision, often with tight deadlines, has developed my technical skills, creative abilities, eye for detail and a professional approach.

Digital post-production allows for changes and enhancements to achieve outstanding results even in the most difficult of situations, and I always aim to offer same high standards of service to every client. Using the latest digital technology and high end professional camera equipment I ensure all my clients receive the best quality photos no matter how large or small the assignment is.

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